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Tenant Organizations

What is a tenant organization?

A tenant organization (also called a tenant union) is what it sounds like - tenants coming together to fight for their own collective interests. Similar to a labor union, tenant unions are made up of renters who unite to increase their bargaining power. A tenants union might unite an entire city, a neighborhood, a specific landlord’s properties, or even a single apartment building. By putting their strengths together, tenant organizations put power into the hands of renters, allowing tenants to fight (and win!) against the greed of landlords.

What could a tenant organization do for me?

The core purpose of any tenant organization is to fight to advance the rights of tenants and fight for better living conditions. Tenants unions have made powerful gains for renters in cities across the United States.

In Mountain View, California, the Mountain View Tenants Coalition won two important policies that protect renters – Mountain View landlords can’t increase rent by more than 2%-5% each year, and landlords can’t evict tenants without just cause.

In Seattle, tenants of the Downtowner Apartments organized with the help of the Washington state tenant union to sue the landlord when he sold the building to a luxury hotel developer. Together, they stopped illegal evictions and set a nationwide precedent for Section 8 vouchers, providing hope for thousands of renters in America who are at risk of being displaced.

In Portland, tenants won legislation requiring landlords to pay out between $2,900-$4,500 to tenants who were evicted without cause or if they were forced out by big rent hikes.

If you think you’ve ever been pushed around by your landlord, Renters Together LFK is the perfect place for you. There’s thousands of us and only a few of them, we just have to get organized.