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Local and Kansas Laws

Lawrence: Long-term residential rental property code
Chapter 6, Article 13 of the city code covers basically all of the local law regarding owning rental property. While this code is mostly directed at landlords, it does contain valuable info for renters, too. One section to look out for includes 6-1314 Violations that lists all the things a city code inspector will look for.
Lawrence: Short-term residential rental property code
Ordinance 9650 amends the residential rental property code to include short-term rentals, like running an AirBnb. This was a fairly contested change to the law in 2018, as many people in Lawrence are rightly concerned about the city's already-troubled rental situation and the disruptions to neighborhoods and the liveability of Lawrence that allowing short-term rentals can cause.
Kansas: Prohibiting rent control
Kansas Statute Chapter 12, Article 16, Section 120 explicitly prohibits any political subdivision of the state, including cities, from establishing rent controls. This means that Lawrence can't pass any regulations directly or indirectly that would mandate rent control, nor can the city put conditions on building permits to control rents. The most that they can do is provide "incentives" to this effect. The result is landlords can charge however much they want for rent.
Kansas: Landlords and tenants
Chapter 58, Article 25 of the Kansas Statute covers almost all the relevant legislation regarding the landlord-tenant relationship in the state. There are over 100 sections of this law, so we've highlighted a few of them below. It might be worth it to look through all the sections at the link above if you're looking for something specific that we haven't covered here.

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