Renters Together LFK

Unchecked landlord greed in Lawrence has made housing completely unaffordable for the 54% of residents who rent. Predatory business tactics drive the fastest rising rental rates in Kansas, while an apathetic city commission allows landlords to operate with little to no oversight or regulation. These factors, coupled with stagnant wages, have left Lawrence residents scrambling for subpar housing and unable to guarantee a decent standard of living for their families.

Renters Together LFK commits to ending these cycles of corruption and greed through empowering renters to:

Greed and incompetence in the rental housing sector have served to line the pockets of landlords at the expense of all renters, and especially Lawrence’s marginalized populations. Everyone has a right to safe housing, but the city is failing to meet this most basic need. Renters Together LFK wants to put power into the hands of renters so that we can build a rental environment that works for EVERYONE, not just the landlords.

Getting evicted?
Learn your options.
Is your place unsafe?
Here's what you can do.
Landlord steal your security deposit?
How to get it back.
Things broken or dirty when you move in?
Help on doing a walk-through.
Need affordable housing?
See these options.
Paying too much?
Find out what your neighbors are paying.
Thinking about renter's insurance?
Here's a quick overview.
Need legal assistance?
Start here.

Get involved

Renters Together LFK meets regularly to discuss our issues as renters in Lawrence. We also talk about knowing your rights, strategies for how to talk to your landlord, and how to make our city a more livable, affordable place. Check out our calendar to find out when our next meeting is!

Get organized

Creating a tenant organization is one of the best ways for you and your neighbors to fight for better living conditions. Standing up to your landlord alone can be intimidating, but there's power and strength in collective action. Visit our page on tenant organizations to get started.

Get educated on your rights

Being a renter can be hard, especially if you get stuck with a greedy, nonresponsive, uncaring, or just plain bad landlord. Knowledge is a great first step, and our Know Your Rights guide is here to help. We're adding new stuff all the time, too, so check back regularly!

Rent research

New to town? Need a new place? Want to see if you're getting screwed on your rent? We've created a few resources to help you out. Check out the rent neighborhoods guide for maps, tables, and reports to see how your rent stacks up to your neighbors'.